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Frontier League Details

A Message From the Program Directors:

Welcome to Frontier Baseball! What started as a father’s effort to find a place where his son could play baseball in 2014 has grown so tremendously over the years, impacting the lives of truly amazing kids. So many parents have told us how they never thought they would see their child on a baseball team, but then they found Frontier! The benefits of Frontier even extend beyond the park: the pride of these amazing youngsters being able to wear their own team’s jersey to their school’s spirit day, increased self-confidence, making new friends—the list goes on and on.

We look forward to having you and your family join us in Frontier Baseball at MCB. Please contact the registrar ([email protected]), with any questions you may have and a Frontier League Director will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Frontier is a low stress, fun baseball program for kids with ADHD, ADD, Apraxia, Speech Delays, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder and other executive or sensory challenges, to also include Autism, Motor Challenges and Asperger’s Syndrome. 

Frontier is exclusive to Murphey Candler Baseball and is open to boys and girls alike!

Please watch this short video for an overview of Frontier: 

Basic Facts
Boundary Map:
The Frontier League has no geographic boundaries.  All areas of Atlanta are welcome!  Even if you do not live nearby, the one-day-a-week cadence makes it easy to participate.  We have families from Peachtree City, Gainesville, Alpharetta and beyond who come to participate.  If you can get your child to the park to play, they can play.  

Frontier plays every spring (February through May) and fall (August through October).  Our spring season is styled more traditionally, with recorded games and playoffs.  The fall season, on the other hand, tends to focus on skill development, while still incorporating game play at the end of each session.

Frontier is played at Murphey Candler Park in Brookhaven, Georgia, located just 1 mile off of I-285 at the Ashford Dunwoody Road exit (near Perimeter Mall).

How Often:
There is only one event (either a game or a practice) per week, either Saturday or Sunday. Sunday events are generally at, or after, 12:00 noon. Rescheduled games, when applicable, may sometimes create a game on both Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend.

Frontier has three age groups.
- Frontier I is for 6 through 9 years old.
- Frontier II is for 10 through 12 years old.
- Frontier III is for 13 through 16 years old.

League Size:
There are four teams in each of the three age groups, with each team comprising approximately 10 to 12 players. On average, about 100 kids play in Frontier each season.
NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!  Even if your son or daughter has never played baseball, they are perfect for Frontier.  Many children find a new passion for baseball after trying Frontier, so whether your child has never played before, played once or twice in the yard, or found themselves not being a match in mainstream leagues, your child can spread their wings, grow, and have a ton of fun in a comfortable and safe environment that is tailored to kids just like them!

League Structure:
Games and rules are adapted to the needs of the kids.  For instance, we keep innings short to keep their attention, the teams small, and use machine pitch so they have a better chance to hit the ball (Frontier III, however, is coach pitch).  In addition, the coaches are parents with kids that play in Frontier, so they “get it.”

Even with the adaptations, we also strive to make Frontier as close to real baseball as possible, implementing fundamental baseball but without the pressure and stress of competitive youth baseball.  Frontier also has the same uniforms as the rest of Murphey Candler Baseball.

Common Questions
My child has never played baseball.  Is that ok?
Absolutely!  Frontier was started to give kids a chance to play baseball that have never been able to play before. 

I am not sure my son or daughter can do this. How do I know?
It’s a common question, but then when you see them at the first practice with their friends from school and it all changes.  We oftentimes hear feedback from parents, for example, relating how their child has a newfound passion in baseball or that their child tells everyone about how they’re on a team.

Is Frontier co-ed?
YES!  Frontier generally has several girls every fall and spring season.

How do I know if Frontier is a good fit for my son or daughter?
We do our best to fit everyone into Frontier unless there is a safety or significant behavioral concern.  See our Eligibility Statement below for reference.

Frontier Baseball is a groundbreaking and unique to anything else.  The idea was formed in 2011 when its founder, Adam Wickley, was trying to find a place for his son, Jackson, to play a sport.  Like so many kids in Jackson’s situation (he had ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder), he wanted to play baseball, but the social component kept him from playing mainstream sports, yet he also was not a fit for other “Special Needs” (sometimes called “Buddy Baseball”) leagues.  He was caught in the middle between mainstream and special needs leagues with no place to play, so after unsuccessfully finding a place for Jackson, Mr. Wickley and MCB decided to create a new league for kids just like him (and the rest is history)!  Since its inception, Frontier Baseball has thrived, taking on a life of its own, providing life changing experiences for parents and kids alike.

Eligibility Statement
Murphey Candler Baseball promotes special needs baseball opportunities through both the Challenger and Frontier Leagues.  The Frontier League is specifically designed for certain disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Speech Delays, Auditory Processing Disorders and other challenges that would not require the use of a full time “buddy” on the baseball field (e.g., Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Motor Challenges) as The Challenger League employs.  Frontier is a machine pitch and coach pitch league and, as such, safety on the field is of utmost importance.  Therefore, participation in Frontier requires that a player be diagnosed with at least one of the above conditions, be able to play without the use of a full time “Buddy” and not be a threat to the safety of themselves or others.  This determination shall be made at the discretion of the Program Director, League Director and Murphey Candler Baseball when applicable.



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