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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of players who can register?
Yes, there is a limit due to the fixed number of fields and days available for play, the number will vary slightly depending on the number of registrants in each age group.  Last year, about 1000 children played in the program in 10 different leagues and we could not place all players.  MCB is committed to registering as many children as possible but late registrants will be placed on a waiting list and some may not be placed on teams.

What does the registration fee pay for?
Generally, registration fees cover virtually all of the costs of operating the program, including costs of uniforms, playing equipment and supplies, umpires (in the upper leagues), field maintenance and supplies, score keeping, insurance premiums, utilities, administration expenses, etc.  MCB will provide each player with a jersey and a hat which the player will be allowed to keep at the end of the season.  A complete report of the results of operations last season and a budget for operations this coming season is available for review upon request.

How much more money will I be asked to pay?
MCB will not ask you for any additional money.  However, the team on which your child is placed probably will ask you to contribute “team dues”, which are usually around $40-50 per player.  These dues are used by the team to pay for concession tickets for the children after games, coaches’ gifts, a team party at the end of the season, trophies, etc.  In addition, you will have the opportunity (but not the obligation) to buy team pictures and a yearbook.

Does MCB provide uniforms?
MCB will provide the jersey and hat (socks and/or belt may be provided for the lower leagues).  Each player must provide his or her own baseball pants and shoes.

What equipment does my child need?
Your child will need a baseball glove, bat, and batting helmet (with a protective cage or c-flap).  In addition, all male players in Coastal, AA, AAA, and Major Leagues must wear a protective cup in all practices and games.

Does my child have to "try out" and "make the team"?
All players age 6 or older must attend player evaluations in the spring season.  Everyone who registers will be placed on a team, so these evaluations are not considered “try outs.” Instead, they are sessions at which MCB board members, managers and coaches will evaluate your child’s basic skills and playing ability.  Managers and coaches will choose their players via a draft.  There is no evaluation or draft for Rookie, Southern or Challenger leagues.  Frontier holds evaluations but no draft. 

Can my child play in a post season tournament?
MCB selects and sponsors teams to play in various post-season tournaments.  Tournament teams are selected in each age group from 7 through 12.  Tournament team practices will begin in mid April with the tournaments usually taking place in June or early July, after the MCB season ends, and involve teams from other programs in the Atlanta area.  Given the limited number of players on a tournament team, selecting the teams is a very difficult process.  Players will be selected based on playing ability.  Until the teams are selected there is no way for MCB to determine who will be on a tournament team.  Thus, we cannot guarantee that your child will be selected. There is a $25 non-refundable evaluation fee that is paid at the time of spring registration for players that would like to be evaluated for the tournament team program.

What is the Challenger division?
The Challenger Division is a MCB program for youngsters from the ages of 6 to 18 years, who have physical or other disabilities but who love the game of baseball.  With the help of “buddies” from the other MCB leagues, these children will play baseball against other Challenger teams from other programs in Atlanta.

How many games and practices are there each week?
During the spring season, in our Atlantic league and up, there are three events per week.  Days/times will vary weekly and can be found on the team schedule which will be made available just prior to the start of the season.  During the pre-season, the three events consist of practices.  Once the season starts, there are two games and one practice.  In our T-Ball (Southern) league, weekly events are limited to two events per week. One weekday event and one Sunday event.  In our Rookie league (spring only), events are limited to once a week (Sundays).  In our highest level of play (the Major League, into which only 11 and 12 year old's may be drafted), there may sometimes be four events per week.

What is your withdrawal and/or refund policy?  Revised 11/01/2023

Voluntary Withdrawal and refund requests must be made by July 15, 2024 to receive a refund for the fall 2024 baseball season.
Withdrawal requests should be emailed to [email protected]. A $25 administrative/processing fee will be deducted for EACH CHILD withdrawn. If you register AFTER the Voluntary Withdrawal period ends, your registration will not be refunded should you withdraw. No verbal withdrawals from MCB will be accepted. Refunds for Voluntary Withdrawal and Involuntary Withdrawal (if approved) are issued within two weeks of notice of withdrawal.

  • Involuntary Withdrawal: If, after the voluntary withdrawal deadline but before the scheduled conclusion of half of the regular season games of the applicable league, a child becomes unable to participate and must be withdrawn due to injury, illness, or relocation, a partial refund may be requested via email ([email protected]). The request will be reviewed, and if approved, 50% of the registration fee minus a $25 administrative/processing fee will be refunded.
  • MCB refunds will not be granted after the scheduled conclusion of half of the regular season games of the applicable league.
  • Cancellation Fee and Time Limit:
    • If registration is canceled after December 15 (Spring Baseball) or after July 15 (Fall Baseball), the registration fee becomes non-refundable.
    • If a child is cleared from the waiting list after December 15 (Spring baseball) or after July 15 (Fall baseball), and a decision is made to cancel the registration, please notify the Registrar at [email protected] so the spot can be available for the next player on the waiting list. There will be a 3-day period to accept the waitlisted spot. If you do not log in to your account and pay the registration fee during that period. the spot will be released to the next player on the waitlist.
    • Processing Fees:  A $25 administrative/processing fee will be deducted for each child withdrawn.

What if my child is waitlisted?
If your player is waitlisted and a space becomes available, you will have 3 days to confirm your acceptance and complete the payment for your player's placement in a league. If you choose not to play, please contact the registrar so the spot will be made available to another player. If you choose to withdraw your player(s) from the waitlist, please email [email protected] to remove your player from the waitlist.

  • If a child is wait-listed for baseball and space does not become available, No fees will be charged so there will be no refund due.


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