Volunteer Positions

Murphey Candler Baseball works because of the outstanding efforts of our volunteers. For the season to be enjoyed and to run well, it is important for all volunteer positions to be volunteered. Murphey Candler is proud of our tradition of parent involvement; it is what has helped to make this league so special since 1958!

Background Checks: All coaches are required to complete a background check. Please complete your background check via this link: Submit Background Check. If you have questions on the background check process or whether you need to complete one, please contact your League Director.


Team Parent(s)
Attends Team Parent meeting. Assists Manager and Coaches with phone calls/emails throughout the season, communicates Opening Day activities and Picture Day information, plans end of season party, coordinates concession tickets, and collects money for team dues. The Team Parent(s) will help with identifying players’ names in team pictures on Picture Day and will be responsible for pick up & distribution of picture packages. This position may be shared.


Business Manager
Responsible for obtaining team sponsor(s). Each team is asked to raise $1000 in sponsorships. This can also be done through family/parent donations to Murphey Candler Baseball. Please refer to the website for the latest Sponsor information. Moneys raised through this are used to fund park improvements and improve the experience for our players and their families.


Assists coach by keeping the scorebook for their team and/or running the scoreboard during games. The home team is responsible for running the scoreboard and the visiting team is responsible for keeping the official book


Pitch Counter
Tracks and records the number of pitches thrown by players during games (required in AA, AAA, and Major).


Umpire (lower leagues only)
Paid umpires are used in kid pitch leagues (AA, AAA, and Major). Umpires in the lower leagues (Coastal and below) are volunteers. We rely on parents to be un-biased, keep track of the number of pitches (ball and strike count where applicable) and umpire plays on the bases.


Team Photographer
Responsible for taking candid photos of players on the team. Group pics are preferred. Each player should be included in a minimum of one picture. The Team Photographer will load team photos to the www.replayit.com site and label them appropriately) for usage in the yearbook.
Registration info: Register first – School name is Murphey Candler Park and passcode is baseball. You will only need this to register. Once registered you will have your personal login and password. No more than 14 photos. No less than 900 pixels.

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