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2021 Murphey Candler Baseball Tournament Team Information Guide and FAQ

After each spring season Murphey Candler Baseball (MCB) organizes “Tournament Teams” that compete against other all-star teams around North Georgia. Our Tournament Teams provide select players the opportunity to play additional baseball at a more competitive level through organized tournaments. Tournament teams at MCB are available to players from International (7U) through Major (12U). MCB is affiliated with Dizzy Dean Baseball, Inc. Our Tournament Teams have won nine State Championships and forty District Championships. In 2019, our 10U Gold team won the Dizzy Dean District 4 Championship and our 11U Gold team won the Dizzy Dean State Championship.

Participation in tournament baseball is strictly voluntary, and there is no guarantee that a player will be selected to a team. Players are expected to commit to their Tournament Team from the first practice through the last game. Known conflicts (other sports, family vacations, etc.) should be communicated to the player’s League Director, Tournament Team Director, and/or VP of Baseball in advance of the first tryout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The fees to participate on a Tournament Team may be up to $400 per player. This includes a game jersey, practice shirt, pants, hat, spirit shirt, access to practice facilities, tournament fees (up to four tournaments), insurance, and any other fees charged by Dizzy Dean Baseball.

This does not include any additional fees collected as “team dues” for such items as snacks, drinks, team parties, alternate jerseys, additional tournaments, travel, etc. as well as any additional Murphey Candler gear purchased such gear bags, socks, belts, etc. that are available to our Tournament Team players.

Who may tryout?

MCB supports Tournament Teams for players in International (7U), Coastal (8U), AA (9U), AAA (10U and 11U), and Major (11U and 12U). Players may try out for a Tournament Team associated with their league only (for example, an 8-year-old “playing up” in AA may only try out for the AA Tournament Teams and is not eligible to try out for a Coastal team).

When are tryouts?

The 2020 Tournament Team tryouts will be held at MCB on March 14th and 21st. Tryouts are conducted rain or shine. Players who are interested in playing on a Tournament Team are required to participate in at least one tryout, however it is highly recommended they attend all tryout sessions. Parents/Guardians of eligible players must confirm with their Team Coach and/or League Director that their child should be considered for Tournament Team selection. Players are not guaranteed to be selected to a Tournament Team.

How are teams selected?

Teams are selected based on a vote amongst league coaches (Manager and COR). Coach votes are based on player tryouts, player information obtained during the regular season, and player positions. Players are ranked in order based on average votes from the league’s Managers and CORs. The Tournament Team Director, VP of Baseball, League Director, and Player Agents oversee all discussions and votes for Tournament Team selections.

For Coach Pitch leagues (7U – 8U), teams of twelve (12) players will be formed. The first twelve players are selected to the “A” Team, and the next twelve players are selected to the “B” Team.  For 8U only, A “C” Team may be formed based on interest and depth of league talent, and the player selection process is similar to the A and B Teams.

For Kid Pitch leagues (9U – 12U), teams of eleven (11) players will be formed. The first nine players are selected to the “A” Team with the remaining two spots designated as “manager’s picks” to fill any needs by position, as appropriate. The next nine players are selected to the “B” Team with the remaining two spots designated as Manager’s picks to fill any needs by position, as appropriate. A “C” Team may be formed based on interest and depth of league talent, and the player selection process is similar to the A and B Teams.

What is the level of commitment?

Each player/family must fully commit to their Tournament Team. Full player commitment begins once the Murphey Candler regular season ends and concludes on the last day of the last tournament entered.

Players selected to the “A” Team must be available to play in the Dizzy Dean District and State Tournaments. Players selected to the “A” Team, but unable to commit to the Dizzy Dean District and State Tournament schedule may have the option to defer to the “B” or “C” Teams.

Team practices will be scheduled on Sundays during the regular season starting after Dekalb County School’s Spring Break. Make-up games for the spring regular season may be held on Sundays and will take priority over Tournament Team events.

At the discretion of each Manager, teams may participate in tournaments over Memorial Day weekend.

Each family will be provided a detailed commitment letter that outlines tournament dates, team fees, and other expectations. The parent signed commitment letter, and any required waiver forms must be provided within 48 hours of selection. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What is the tournament schedule?

Tournament dates for 2021 have not yet been published by Dizzy Dean.  Once published we will share that information within this document. Tournament dates can be expected to start over Memorial Day (coach’s discretion) and possibly run through July 4.

More information may be found on the Dizzy Dean website:

Where are the tournaments located?

With the exception of the Dizzy Dean State Sanctioned Tournament (Location TBD) and the Dizzy Dean World Series (Southaven, MS) all tournaments are played around Metro Atlanta with most tournaments hosted in Cherokee, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, and Forsyth Counties.

Are there minimum playing requirements?

Every player must play two (2) innings on defense in a six-inning game, and all teams will establish a continuous batting order. There is no minimum playing requirement or batting order restrictions for elimination games.

I am a regular season MCB coach, how can I be selected to coach a team?

Coaches who wish to coach a Tournament Team must indicate as such to their League Director who will provide this information to the MCB Tournament Team Director and VP of Baseball.  Coaches are selected based on qualifications and past coaching history. All coach selections are governed by the respective League Director and will be reviewed by the MCB Tournament Team Director and VP of Baseball. The MCB Tournament Team Director will present a recommended slate of coaches to the MCB Executive Committee for approval.

All questions regarding the Murphey Candler Baseball Tournament Season should be directed to MCB Tournament Team Director, Ronnie Robinson @

2021 MCB Tournament Team Information Guide

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