Baseball Bat Rules and Helmet Rules for 2021 Seasons

Murphey Candler Baseball – Helmet rules:

New rules for helmets starting Spring 2021

For AA, Coastal, International, and Atlantic LeaguesHelmets require a C-flap or cage.

For AAA League: Helmets require a C-flap or cage.

For Major, Southern and Rookie Leagues: Helmets require a C-flap.

Murphey Candler Baseball Bat Rules

Murphey Candler Baseball will continue to use the 2018 bat rules during 2021 seasons.

See below for the chart. Small barrel bats with the 1.15 BPF stamp are allowed. Large barrel bats (up to 2 5/8″) MUST have the USABat stamp.

Starting January 1, 2018, a new bat standard (USABat) was introduced and utilized by a number of organizations, including Dizzy Dean. For 2020 (Spring & Fall), Murphey Candler Baseball (MCB) will allow the use of bats that fall under our current rules as well as bats that conform to the new USABat standards.

What does this mean?
By current MCB rules, bats must be 2 1⁄4” barrel size and must carry the 1.15bpf certification stamp. Under the new standard, 2 5/8” barrel size bats with the USA Baseball stamp will also be allowed. The new 2 5/8” USABat bats are available today and over time retailers will phase out of the sale of 2 1⁄4” 1.15bpf bats.

What is not allowed? Bats that have a 2 5/8” or 2 3⁄4” barrel and 1.15bpf stamp will not be allowed.

If there are any questions, please reach out to your League Director. MCB will continue to monitor both the evolution of the new USABat bats and Dizzy Dean regulations, as well as future bat requirements, as needed. A current list of approved bats approved for the new USABat standard is available at the official site.

Barrel Size

Bat Certification Standard

Can I use at MCB?

2 1/4″



2 5/8″

USABat (new standard)


2 5/8″



2 3/4″



One piece wood bats are allowed.  Two piece wood bats must have a USA Baseball Stamp.

NOTE: The bat rules for summer tournament teams may be different. More information about bat requirements for tournament play will be provided at a later date.

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